Horticulture is the future.
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About Us

Benyama Supplies Services limited is a horticultural general supplies independent company established in 26th January, 2009. We have purposely centered our main operation on general supplies and exportation of flowers and fresh horticultural products such as Avocados, Mangoes and many other fresh gardens produces. Our focus is in growing high-value crops, such as fruits, vegetables, flowers as we supply them to clients all over the world.

Horticulture is the future.It enriches diet: specifically, growing fruits and vegetables — provides critical nutrients for a balanced diet. Diets low in fruits and vegetables contribute significantly to some of the world’s most widespread and debilitating nutrient-related disorders. Horticulture is an engine for agricultural and economic diversification.

The company’s need would be to scale down all the potentials in its field by providing clients with high quality horticultural produce and an aim of making Kenyan horticultural produce the global choice.

We  strictly adhere  and  comply with national and international market requirements and conventions (official and private standards).

“Biological evidence indicates that man, evolving with his food plants, developed horticulture and agriculture in both hemispheres at a time which may well have reached far back into the Pleistocene.”
― Russell Lord, Author: The Care of the Earth


Dedicated to be a high-quality horticultural produce supplier geared towards satisfying clients’ needs.


To be the most preferred Horticultural produce supplier in the global market.

Our Services

General Supplies

  • Flowers

    We sell fresh cut flowers of different varieties to both local and international markets.

  • Avocados

    Our farms deliver to us daily, ensuring you only eat the best of what's in season.

  • Mangoes

    For fresh and juicy mangoes just place an order and we shall deliver on time.


Please note that our product prices vary based on the market conditions. We practice market-based pricing.



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